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Account size up to: $250,000

Owned by Five Percent Online Limited and established in the year 2016, The 5ers is a perfect platform for full-time traders who want to gain profits by using the capital provided by the Company. If you have basic knowledge in trading and are interested in enhancing your skills by trading with real money then you should register on The 5ers.

It is not a financial institution and does not sell any kind of financial products or services. In fact, The 5ers is a prop firm that is looking for traders who want to master their skill of trading without using their own money. The company will be providing capital funds and growth schemes to all traders so that they can grow in their field without any worries of losing their hard-earned money.

The5ers Review

Who are The 5ers?

The5ers is a Funding Trading Company that provides funds to traders from several parts of the world to trade on their platform. It is an open career-building portal for Forex traders. The growth program provided by them helps in enhancing the knowledge and skills of various traders. Their passion is to provide traders a secure and fair-trading framework.

They offer instant funding to all traders so that you can start trading with real money from day one. In the first level, you have to use your own trading strategies and by following their risk management requirements, you have to keep trading.

Once you complete Level one, you will reach Level two wherein you will be provided with more funds for trading. The5ers team will keep an eye on your progress and help you whenever required. As you continue to reach new milestones, you will be provided with more capital and higher earning potential.

Is The 5ers a Forex Broker?

No! They are not a Forex Broker as they do not provide retail trading accounts. They only give capital funds to individuals who are interested in trading but lack funds or are worried of losing their hard-earned money. By using The 5ers funds, these traders can trade without any worries of making a loss. Moreover, if they make profits then they can withdraw them in real money.

Which programs are available on The 5ers?

There are three programs available on The 5ers as mentioned below in our The 5ers review.

  • Hyper Growth – Hyper Growth is a one-step program wherein you can get paid right from the first target. You can start the program from $260 and grow up to $4M by trading in FX, Metals, and Indices. Depending on your performance, you can earn lots of rewards and these bonuses can be used for internal purchases.
  • High Stakes – This is a perfect program for professional traders who want to earn high rewards and trade in high risks. By clearing the two-step evaluation, you can become a trader in a High Stakes program that starts only from $39. However, keep this in mind that if you do not trade for more than 21 consecutive days then your account will expire.
  • Bootcamp – Starting from $95, it is a low-cost program and is perfect for beginners as they will get unlimited time to pass. In this program, a Stop-loss is required in all orders and positions. If you violate it more than 5 times, then your account will be terminated.
the5ers programs
The5ers Programs: screenshot taken from The5ers Traders ( on April 2024

Why should you become a trader on The 5ers?

There are various benefits that you can acquire by becoming a trader on The 5ers. Some of them are mentioned below in our The5ers review.

1. Pay one-time fee

You have to only pay a fixed amount of fees depending on the program that you choose. Other than these fees, there aren’t any hidden costs, recurring costs, or subscription fees at all.

2. Frequent Withdrawals

As you keep growing in your trading program, you will earn profits. These are real-world money that you have earned by trading strategically. You can withdraw these profits easily with a click of your mouse.

3. Quick Growth

As your account grows and reaches new milestones, your funded trading account size would double in size up to 4 million dollars. This growth ensures that your profits would double too and you can withdraw your earnings every month.

4. Easy Trading Conditions

The5ers prop firm offers exceptional trading conditions to its clients so that they can grow effortlessly in their programs. If you are trading in Forex and Metals, then overnight and over the weekend holding is allowed for you. Moreover, news trading and algo trading is also allowed.

5. Help at hand

No doubt about the fact that the customer care of The5ers are extremely helpful and swift in solving all queries. In addition, if you want to ask a question or read feedback from fellow traders then you can join the trader’s community. Clients who have achieved success through The 5ers happily share their achievements so that newly registered traders can get motivated from them.

6. Anyone can trade

There are no restrictions at all! Whether you are new to the field or a professional trader, it does not matter. Also, you can use any trading style to achieve success. Every trader is welcome to register and trade on The 5ers prop firm.

7. Trading Resources In Hand

Each day, you can get unlimited access to trading rooms and if you have any queries then you can get help from professional traders. Webinars and lectures are held on a regular basis at different platforms so that clients can gain knowledge and boost their trading. 

8. One-on-one Performance Coaching

You will be given access to a Portfolio Analyst who will hold free coaching on a regular basis. Meetings held by them are going to be very helpful to you as they will overview your trading plan, share their thoughts, and help you in growing. You can even read various articles that are available on the Forex Blog and enhance your trading skills.

9. Trading Performance Statistics

Once you have registered on the portal, you will have a personal dashboard that will highlight your progress each day. The progress will be provided in numbers and insights so that you can understand your trading performance and make it grow. 

10. Live Trading Room

There are Live Trading Rooms wherein all traders can meet four times in a week. In these rooms, all of them can interact with each other, share their experiences, analyze the markets, ask queries, share market visions, and trading opportunities. Everything is shared here so that traders can learn and grow easily.

11. Get Notified

You can get real-time trading notifications about certain important events in the market through email. Moreover, if there is some vital information regarding your trading account, then that is shared too.

the5ers rating
the5ers rating: screenshot taken from The5ers Traders ( on April 2024

Pros of 5ers trading

  • You can trade up to $4,000,000 in Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and Metals through The 5ers.
  • Mobile users can download the MetaTrader 5 app from Google Play and Apple Stores for free of cost.
  • It is allowed to trade during news in 5ers trading.
  • Holding positions overnight or over the weekend is acceptable.
  • Their customer care executives can be reached through email, live chat, or telephone. Live chat and telephone features are available during office hours i.e. Sunday to Thursday: 07:00-15:00 GMT and on Friday: 07:00-12:00 GMT. In case of urgent issues, you can email them by mentioning ‘Urgent’ as the Subject.
  • In case you are not satisfied with their service, you can opt for their 14-day risk free refund policy. Your entire money will be refunded without any questions asked. However, if you have already commenced the trading activity, then the sign-up fee will be non-refundable.

Cons of 5 ers prop firm

  • Traders from restricted countries such as Afghanistan, United States, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Laos, and many more cannot register on The 5ers platform.

What are the extra resources that I will get by becoming a trader on The 5ers?

You will be provided with innumerable resources that will help you to grow as a trader. On the Trading Resources webpage, you can learn trading tactics through the Forex blog and The5ers Classes.

You can even keep a track on various Webinars and Events that are going to be held in the near future. To check the guest webinars and workshops that are available on demand, you can check them on VOD that falls under the Client Portal icon.

Who are The5ers partners that can enhance your trading?

You can improve your trading skills with the tools and services provided by the following partners.

  • The Scruffy Trader – Provides education in Forex Trading.
  • Symax Fintech – Teaches tried and tested trading strategies.
  • The Forex Trade Room – Enhances skills of traders so that they become consistently profitable.
  • The Trading Academy – Helps in providing structured trading so that you earn lots of profits.
  • EdgeWonk – A trading journal that can help in keeping a track of your trade and boost your performance.
  • NewsQuawk – Gain swift information on trading news that have the potential to move markets considerably.
  • Forex Tester – Provides software that can be used for testing your trading account.
  • Trade Delicious – A community of traders who share their passion for success and help new traders navigate through the financial markets easily.
  • The Profit Play – Join the channel to learn insightful and thoughtful contents on how to trade.   
  • Dow How – Learn the nuances of trading by certified traders so that you can achieve success quickly.

Which platform would be used for trading on The 5ers?

As soon as you have registered on the 5 percenters prop firm portal for an evaluation, you will be requested to download the MT5 platform from your HUB. The MT5 platform provided by MetaQuotes is extremely beneficial for trading and offers many more advantages in comparison to MT4.

Depending on which platform you plan to trade, you can download the MT5 for desktop, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. To make the entire process easier, you will even receive an email with your login credentials and links to download MT5.

The5ers Process
The5ers Process: screenshot taken from The5ers Traders ( on April 2024

Example of an email that you will receive

How do I make the payment?

There are several payment methods available like cryptocurrencies, Credit cards, bank transfer, etc. For payouts, you can use cryptocurrencies, Wise, and bank transfers. To withdraw funds, visit your HUB and click on the ‘request payout’ icon.

Is it safe to trade through The 5 percenters prop firm? 

Absolutely! The5ers does not trade with retail broker brands but are directly involved with commercial liquidity providers. They ensure that your data is secured and protected by taking several precautions to keep it confidential. As a trader, you will be provided with some funds to trade, so basically you will be trading on their behalf.

Why was my account terminated?

It is allowed to hold open trades over the news. However, if you are taking extreme risks especially on a high-impact news and you have not traded consistently in the previous days then your account may get terminated.

On the first such occasion, the risk management team of The5ers will give you a warning. If you continue with your tactics then you will be terminated and banned forever. However, if you are consistent with your trades and are always evaluating the risks then you need not worry about terminations.

Why was my KYC (Know Your Customer) not approved?

There can be many reasons for your KYC to not get approved. One of them is that you have registered on The 5ers by using a different name. It is important that your account name and the name on the documents that you have provided for KYC are exactly the same. Moreover, the name on your preferred mode of payment should also match. If not, then your KYC will not be approved and you will not be able to trade on The 5ers.

Final Verdict

To conclude, The5ers is a prop trading firm that allows traders with any level of experience to start trading with a good amount of funds; thereby, increasing profits. Their demo account and in-depth education programs help traders in enhancing their trading skills and achieving success in their strategies. Now that you have read our The5ers review, you can be assured that their platform is absolutely legitimate and safe to use. So, register right away on The 5ers and have a wonderful trading experience. 

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