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Owned by GrowthNext F.Z.C. and located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Funded Next is a trusted proprietary trading platform that operates from UAE and Bangladesh. Traders from various parts of the world can join the Funded Next program and start making money.

By registering on Funded Next, you will get the flexibility to manage your account as per your trading strategies. Here, you can trade up to 300,000 on a trading account and earn up to 95% of the profits. 

In our Funded Next review, you can learn more about their funding programs, merits, and demerits, and get answers to some common queries from the point of view of a new trader. So, by reading this review till the end, most of your questions will be resolved and you will get a clear picture of Funded Next prop firm. So, let’s begin!

Funded Next Review

Why should I become a member of Funded Next?

Simply because; as a trader you should not choose anything less than the best!

There are many reasons that attract new as well as professional traders to join Funded Next and some of them have been mentioned below in our Funded Next review. 

  • Best payout bonuses – At FundedNext, traders who work hard are rewarded better. It offers a noteworthy 15% share from the profits that you make by trading. In comparison to other prop firms, Funded Next is providing the top-most payout bonuses.
  • Drawdown is not equity based – Unlike other prop firms, the maximum daily drawdown in Funded Next is based on your account balance and not on equity. This unique calculation makes sure that your trading performance is assessed fairly.
  • Trade at your pace – There is no pressure of reaching targets within a fixed amount of time in Funded Next. You can work at your pace; thereby planning your trading strategies with complete peace of mind. It is important for traders to focus on their portfolio in a stress-free environment and there cannot be anything better than working in your own time.
  • Awesome trading ambience – Funded Next ensures that your trading conditions are the best in the industry. They provide several features like raw spreads to optimize your trading experience. Moreover, they offer lowest commissions so that traders can pay less and earn more.
  • Amazing customer care – If you have any issues regarding the portal or need help in trading, you can get in touch with their helpful and experienced professional customer care executives. They will help you any time of the day or night to solve your queries.

Is it true that the payout is processed within 24 hours?

Absolutely! This is the guarantee that Funded Next is providing to all its traders. If your payout does not get processed within 24 hours then you will be paid $1,000 extra! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, you need to register on Funded Next right away to experience it by yourself! Here is the promise that is been made by Funded Next’s brand.

  • Secured Payouts: It is very simple! When a trader achieves its set goals then they earn profits and paying these bonuses instantly is the prime motive of Funded Next. The prop firm ensures that secured payouts are made to the traders so that they work diligently.  
  • Quick payouts: Each payout is processed within 24 hours. For instance, if you request for a payout today then within the next 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email as proof of payout. This timely processing of payouts helps in motivating traders to work better.
  • Get compensated: In case the payout is not processed within 24 hours then Funded Next are not sticking to their 24-hour timeframe and it is their duty to compensate their traders. So, the compensation that they give with every late payout is $1,000.

The aforesaid three features help in building trust in traders for their company; thereby making Funded Next grow in the trading industry. However, within 24 hours you will only receive a confirmation email. Actual payments would take time and it completely depends on the processing time that your chosen payment method would take.

What are the various Challenges of Funded Next?

All challenges on Funded Next offer a range of starting balance like $6000, $15,000, $25,000 and more. So, depending on your preferences, you can choose a challenge. If you want to trade for high account balances and enhance your trading potential, then you can check their Scale-Up plan. The profit split varies depending on the challenge that you have accepted. Provided below in our FundedNext review is the profit split chart for all challenges.

Profit Split Chart of FundedNext

Challenge 1: Evaluation: In the Evaluation challenge, you can get funds up to $200,000 for trading. There are two phases of assessment and in each of them you can get 15% profits. Moreover, you can hold your trade during weekends too. If you are making profits by following all rules then you need not worry about achieving your target within the trading cycle as you will be provided with unlimited free retakes.

Challenge 2: Express: There are no time restrictions and as soon as you reach your growth targets, you will get access to real funds. 15% is the profit share that you can earn in the Express challenge. You only have to trade for a minimum of 10 days to reach your growth targets and complete the challenge. Your main goal in this challenge is to hit a 25% profit target.

Challenge 3: Stellar: The Stellar Challenge is divided into two – Stellar 1-Step Challenge and Stellar 2-Step Challenge. In both these challenges there aren’t any time restrictions; but, ensure that you maintain the minimum trading requirements for each day. By trading for 2 days with Stellar 1-Step and 5 days with Stellar 2-Step, you can get your FundedNext Account.

Stellar 1: Step Challenge: To have a successful trading journey, the maximum daily drawdown limit is 3% and maximum overall drawdown is 6%. If you have two trading accounts then you can copy trades from those accounts. You can use VPN and VPS services; but, make sure that you are using a unique IP address while trading on Funded Next platform.

Stellar 2: Step Challenge: The maximum daily drawdown limit is 5% and maximum overall drawdown is 10%. The minimum trading days is five and these can be any random days and not consecutive days. To enhance your trading strategies, you can take help from Expert Advisors and Indicators. However, make sure that your trading parameters are unique and best for your account.

Pros of Funded Next prop firm

  • There are various payment methods available on FundedNext including Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, AstroPay, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Perfect Money, and more.
  • To receive payments through the Evaluation and Stellar Challenge, you need to submit some documents for proving your identity like passport, driving license, and any other National identity proof.
  • Depending on your performances and achievements, you can receive various certificates as a token of recognition. These certificates are Elite Trader Certificate, Lifetime Certificate, Crown Trader Certificate, Payout Certificate, and Max Allocation Certificate.
  • The registration fee that you paid at the time of creating your account on Funded Nest will be refunded with your first withdrawal of profits.

Cons on Funded Next prop firm

  • Traders from the United States are not allowed to register on the Funded Next platform.
  • Funded Nest does not accept cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Polygon, Stellar, and Cardano. 

What is the Scale-Up plan and how will I be eligible for it?

If you are following the trading rules properly and are earning rewards consistently, then the Scale-Up plan would be perfect for you. Through this plan, you can expand your trading activity by receiving a capital allocation of up to $4 million. Mentioned below in our Funded Next review is the eligibility criteria for traders to consider the Scale-Up plan.

  •  In four consecutive months, you should have a minimum accumulated account growth of 10%.
  • You should have received at least two payouts within the four consecutive months.
  • Your last trading cycle should end by making profits.

What are the minimum trading days in various challenges of FundedNest?

Provided below in our Funded Nest review is the table that mentions the minimum trading days in various Funded Nest challenges.

What are the minimum trading days in various

What is the maximum daily drawdown and overall drawdown in all challenges?

The maximum daily drawdown for Evaluation, Express, and Stellar 2-Step is 5%. For Stellar 1-Step it is 3% and for Stellar Lite it is 4%. The overall drawdown for Evaluation, Express, and Stellar 2-Step challenge is 10%. Regarding Stellar 1-Step, the overall drawdown is 6% and for Stellar Lite it is 8%.   

How can I withdraw my profits?

Withdrawing funds from your FundedNext account is very simple and quick. As soon as you have fulfilled your trading cycle criteria and achieved profits, you can request for a withdrawal.

To request for withdrawing funds, visit your dashboard and navigate to the Payout section. There you can request for payout by choosing your preferred payment method. There are various withdrawal methods available so you can pick one that suits you best.

Once the withdrawal request is made, the proficient team of FundedNext will process and disburse the profits within 24 hours. Depending on the payment option that you chose, your payment will take some time to reach your accounts. You need to note that the transfer gateway charges have to be borne by you.

What is the minimum payout limit?

You will not be able to request for a payout if your profits are less than $21. This amount can only be carried forward and added to the next payout. If you want to request for a withdrawal between $21 to $50 then the only payout option available is via Perfect Money. Moreover, if your payout amount is more than $50 then you can request for a payout through any payment methods that are available on FundedNext.

How can I access my trading performance in my Funded Next account?

Through the FundedNext dashboard, you can access your Trading Overview to acquire a comprehensive summary of your trading performance and activities. To begin, visit your Accounts section and then choose the trading account that you want to scrutinize. Then, click on Trading Overview wherein you will come across two sections i.e. Detail Stats and Analytics.In the Detail Stats, you can examine the current status of your trading account and gauge the efficiency of your trading strategy. On the other hand, the Analytics section offers graphical representation of your performance as well as essential metrics such as Win and Loss Ratios and Profit and Loss breakdown.

What are Infinity Points and how to earn them?

Infinity Points are a kind of rewards that are given to traders who actively participate and engage on FundedNext portal. Whenever you partake in an activity, you earn Infinity Points. These points can be redeemed and converted into coupon codes.

The collected coupon codes can be used for availing discounts for purchasing FundedNext Challenges. Thus, this feature encourages traders to be more active and dedicated on the portal and thereby earn rewards for their efforts.  

How can I participate in the Infinity Points program?

As soon as you register on the Funded Next platform as a trader, you can automatically gain access to the Infinity Points program. In the dashboard, you can check the ‘All Tasks’ option that is available in the ‘Infinity Points’ section. These tasks are unique and based on your trading account. By fulfilling the tasks, you will be able to earn several rewards in terms of Infinity Points.   

Why was my KYC verification rejected?

Completing your Know Your Customer (KYC) verification is very important else you will not be able to withdraw profits from your trading account. So, it is vital to share your personal identity documents carefully otherwise it may get rejected. Some of the common reasons for rejection of KYC verification are that the documents you provided have expired and you have not filled in your details accurately. In case you have any queries regarding KYC, then get it resolved by contacting their support team for assistance.

Final Verdict

To conclude, Funded Next is a legit proprietary firm wherein traders can trade Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Metals. It offers exceptional trading conditions that can cater to a diverse range of traders who trust their unique trading styles. The amazing rewards and guidance that they provide to each trader is noteworthy and helps in attracting many more individuals to their platform. Our Funded Next review has provided details on all important aspects, so register right away on their platform and keep making money by trading. 

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