Funded Trading Plus Review: Legit or Not 2024

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Simon Massey, the CEO of Funded Trading Plus believes that they are not just a funded trading firm; but they are our partner in success!

Funded Trading Plus

If traders have access to a limited amount of money to trade then they will not be able to prove themselves in the trading world. By having a good amount of funds in their trading account, they will be able to trade better by using money management rules.

This is exactly what Funded Trading Plus believes in providing its clients. Simon is searching for experienced traders who can demonstrate their talent by trading through their simulated programs. So, if you are one of them, then join their team now!

Is Funded Trading Plus legit?

Since the year 2013, Funded Trading Plus has been providing their innumerable services in the trading world. They are happy to be a part of the growing community of traders and find immense pleasure in educating them the tactics of trading profitably.

There are several Funded Trading Plus reviews provided on the Internet that highlight the fact that how their clients have succeeded in the trading world. In this Funded Trading Plus review, you will be able to understand each and every aspect of the company, so keep reading!

Funded Trading review
Funded Trading review: screenshot taken from Funded Trading Plus ( on April 2024

Who is Funded Trading Plus and how to contact them?

Funded Trading Plus is a Limited Company that is registered in England and Wales. The several ways through which you can contact them is by dropping an email, sending a post, calling them through phone, and by contacting them through their ‘Contact Us’ section.

They are even available on Discord; a popular instant messaging service. So, if you want to get some quick help then you can chat with their support care agents instantly by joining Discord. Moreover, you can even have a swift conversation with other people who are already using the FT+ platform.

They have an easy to understand Funded Trader Programs that helps in finding a successful trader. Once they have identified the trader, they ensure that he or she is funded well so that the trader can grow more and more.

What does Funded Trading Plus provide to its clients?

Funded Trading Plus offers simulated trading programs to its clients. By joining their platform, you can enhance your trading skills and build strategies by executing simulated trades.

Since there isn’t any risk of losing your hard-earned money, trading on Funded Trading Plus is advisable to all individuals who have a knack of trading. Through its various programs, clients can use simulated money in a live trading environment and earn rewards on it.

The funds that you will acquire for trading on their platform, does not have any monetary value. Moreover, you cannot use the Funded Trading Plus programs for executing trades in real financial markets and with real money.

How can I purchase a Program on Funded Trading Plus?

You can place the order to purchase any of the Programs that are available on Funded Trading Plus portal. However, you need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for buying the Program.

As soon as you place the order for buying a particular Program, you will receive an email to confirm the receipt of the order. After you have made the payment, you will receive another email mentioning your order details as well as confirming the receipt of payment.

The second email confirms that you have entered into a contract with Funded Trading Plus and are compiled to follow its Terms and Conditions that are provided on their website.  

What would be the payment mode for buying my preferred Program on FT+?

To purchase any Program from FT+ platform, you will be charged a one-time fee. The prices will depend on the Program that you are planning to buy. These prices are exclusive of VAT and will vary depending on the region you reside.

You can use various payment methods for paying for the order like credit card, debit card, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and e-money. At the time of making the order, you need to choose your preferred payment method.

It can take about 2-3 days to process payments. As soon as your payments are processed, you will receive an email mentioning the receipt of payments and details of the program that you have purchased.

How many Programs are offered by Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus offers four programs to its clients. These are mentioned below in our Funded Trading Plus review:

  • Experienced Trader Program
  • Advanced Trader Program
  • Premium Trader Program
  • Master Trader Program

Pros of Funded Trading Plus

  • Since Funded Trading Plus is a simulated program, you are not liable for any kind of losses.
  • Funded Trading Plus accepts cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Tether, and Binance Pay as mode of payment.
  • The fees that you pay for purchasing the program are non-refundable on The Master Trader Program. However, it will be refunded when you acquire 10% profit on your FT+ Trader account in three programs i.e. Experienced Trader Program, Advanced Trader Program, and Premium Trader Program. 
  • You only have to make a one-time payment at the beginning. Later on, you will not be charged any kind of weekly or monthly fees.
  • If you have not traded in your online trading account and within 14 days of purchase you send a cancellation request, then your purchased program can be canceled and the amount will be refunded.

Cons of Funded Trading Plus

  • Funded Trading Plus does not provide its services in some restricted places including North Korea, Myanmar, Syria, Cuba, etc.

What can I trade on a Funded Trading Plus Account?

Eightcap and ThinkMarkets are their fully regulated brokers and all clients will be placed through these brokers into simulated live conditions. You can trade on an extensive range of Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies. However, they do not offer trading on Futures Markets.

Funded Trading Account
Funded Trading Account: screenshot taken from Funded Trading Plus ( on April 2024

How does Funded Trading Plus check the identity of clients?

Funded Trading Plus takes Know your customer (KYC) checks seriously. Each and every client on their platform has to get their identity checked in various phases of their programs. It is advisable to get your KYC checked as soon as you register on Funded Trading Plus website so that you do not face any issues later on.

You have to provide a photo identity and some vital personal documents to prove your name, age, residential address, payment details, etc. It is an automated process and takes only a few minutes to get your documents checked.

Without completing KYC checks, you will not be able to withdraw funds or sign any contracts. So, it is advisable to get it completed as soon as possible. In case you are coming across any issues, you can contact their customer care.

Can I withdraw my profits in the Evaluation process?

If you are trading in the Evaluation Process and have made some profits then you will not be able to withdraw them. Withdrawal of profits can be done only after you complete the Evaluation Process and acquire the FT+ Trader’s account. Once you make profits in your Funded Trading Plus account, you can withdraw real money instantly.

Is it possible to change my program platform?

Yes, you can change your program platform by paying an additional fee of $25. However, this will only be possible if you have not started trading in the present program. Also, make a note that once you have changed your program platform, you will not be able to use your old program. To get your program changed, you need to open a support ticket.

I am unable to see Index and Crypto Markets in my ‘Market Watch’ panel. What should I do?

If you want to activate Crypto Markets and Index on your trading platform then you need to click ‘View’ and then click ‘Symbols’ in your trading platform. There you can select Index and Crypto. You will then be able to see them under the ‘Market Watch’ panel.

Is there a Demo mode provided to clients?

Absolutely! A demo mode is provided for all clients so that they can have a look at what’s available on the Funded Trading Plus platform. Moreover, the demo mode is perfect for clients to sharpen their skills and get all doubts cleared before they actually start trading.

In the demo mode, you will be able to check spreads, evaluate your trading speed, and make trades exactly like you will be doing in your Funded Trading Plus account. The only difference is that drawdown is removed so that the demo mode does not get breached.

However, FT+ does not directly provide a demo account and you need to practice your trade on ThinkMarkets Match Trader account or ThinkMarkets DXTrade account.

Dashboard Preview in Demo Mode

Funded Trading dashboard
Funded Trading dashboard: screenshot taken from Funded Trading Plus ( on April 2024

How are Withdrawals made in various Programs?

In our Funded Trading Plus review, we have mentioned in detail about making withdrawals in varied programs, so check it out.

Withdrawals made in Experienced and Advanced Funded Trading Programs

As soon as the closed balance of your trading account reaches the $50 mark, you can withdraw it. However, note that the amount should be above the account starting size. You do not have to wait till you hit a predetermined profit target.

An important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that any withdrawal that you make will reduce the drawdown that is available on your particular program. By the end of the day, it is your decision that matters, so choose whatever you prefer to be best for your trading account.

Withdrawals made in Premium Trading Program

Depending on the day you start with your FT+ Trading account, add 7 waiting days and you can then make withdrawals. However, the funds will be available for withdrawal only when the closed balance of your trading account reaches $50 above the starting size. Similar to the aforesaid withdrawal clause, your drawdown will reduce so make your decision wisely.

Withdrawals made in Master Program

You can make withdrawals from the Master Program only after you have acquired $50 of stimulated profit. The profit split for this program by default is 80%; however, it can be increased as and when you increase your simulated profits.

For instance; if you reach 20% overall simulated profits then your Profit Split can be increased from 80/20 to 90/10. Furthermore, if you make 30% simulated profit then you can request the Funded Trading Plus team to change it to 100/0.

How to make a request for Withdrawals?

You can request for a withdrawal any time after trading for seven calendar days in a particular program. To make a request, you need to visit your Dashboard and click on the ‘Withdrawal Request’ icon. However, ensure that you have already closed all simulated trades before making a request for withdrawal. In addition, you should not make any more simulated trades until the virtual profits have been withdrawn from your account.

Usually, the Funded Trading Plus team takes about 2 hours to complete the withdrawal process. The maximum time taken for processing is 48 hours. You will receive an invoice from the team. Once you complete the invoice, you have to return it to the team for processing. Voila! Your funds have been withdrawn and you can now enjoy the commission.

Withdrawals can be made via bank transfers and cryptocurrencies like Binance and Coinbase. In case you have any queries or are stuck up with the withdrawal process, then you can contact the Funded Trading Plus customer care team through their 24/7 Live Chat feature. They will be more than happy to help you out.

Why did my Funded Trading Plus trading account expire?

If you are in the mid of the Evaluation Process, then keep in mind that there is no time limit to pass the process. However, ensure that you make at least one simulated trade every 30 days in your account. Else, your account will be termed as inactive and would expire. To keep your trading account active, the Funded Trading Plus executives will notify you in advance so that you can resume your trading activities.


By reading our Funded Trading Plus review, you would have realized that FT+ is a reputable proprietary trading company wherein varied kinds of traders can register and trade by using their strategies. The innumerable features provided on FT+ like quick withdrawals and unlimited trading facilities makes it one of the most popular prop firms. So, become a Funded Trading Plus trader now and enjoy the experience!

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