SabioTrade Review 2024 – Is FTMO Prop Firm Legit?

Sabio Trade Review
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Account size up to: $200,000 / Discount code: FXPROP10

SabioTrade is a proprietary trading firm founded in 2023, offering traders the opportunity to manage funded accounts ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. SabioTrade stands out with its unique trading platform integrated directly into the dashboard, simplifying the trading experience and providing a seamless environment for both novice and experienced traders.

sabiotrade review

Account Types

SabioTrade provides four tiers of funded accounts:

1. $10,000 Account: Costs $50, profit share 70%

2. $50,000 Account: Costs $289, profit share 80%

3. $100,000 Account: Costs $479, profit share 80%

4. $200,000 Account: Costs $939, profit share 90%

Each account requires passing a one-step assessment with no time limit, making it accessible and straightforward for traders.

Evaluation Process

Traders must pass a one-step evaluation to qualify for a funded account. The requirements include:

Profit Target: 10%

Daily Loss Limit: 3%

Maximum Trailing Drawdown: 6%

The evaluation fee is non-refundable, but there are no restrictions on the time taken to complete the assessment. This process ensures that traders can demonstrate their skills without pressure.

Trading Rules

Leverage: Up to 30:1 on Forex

No minimum trading days: Traders can request payouts as soon as they make a profit

No weekend positions: Positions cannot be held over the weekend

Maximum Trailing Drawdown: 6%

Tradable Instruments

SabioTrade offers access to over 250 assets, including:







This wide range of assets allows traders to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on various market opportunities.

Trading Platforms

SabioTrade utilizes its proprietary trading platform, SabioTraderoom, which integrates directly into the dashboard. Key features include:

Customizable Layout: Traders can tailor the interface to their preferences

Technical Indicators: Over 100 indicators and graphical tools

Real-Time Alerts: Price alerts and news feed integration

Mobile Access: Optimized for trading on the go

Fees and Payouts

Evaluation Fee: Ranges from $50 to $939 depending on the account size

Profit Share: Between 70% and 90%

No Monthly Fees: Only a one-time evaluation fee

Instant Payouts: Traders can withdraw profits at any time with no minimum withdrawal amount

Customer Support

SabioTrade offers 24/7 customer support via:

Live Chat


Discord Community

This ensures traders can get assistance whenever needed, enhancing their overall trading experience.

Education and Resources

SabioTrade provides extensive educational resources, including:

Video Courses: Taught by industry experts

Live Webinars: Interactive sessions with professional tutors

Daily Insights: Blog articles on market trends

Telegram Channel: Real-time market updates and trading signals

These resources help traders improve their skills and stay informed about market developments.


SabioTrade offers a compelling package for traders looking to scale their trading activities. With its unique trading platform, diverse asset range, and supportive evaluation process, SabioTrade is well-suited for both beginner and professional traders. The firm’s transparent fee structure and high profit share make it an attractive option in the proprietary trading space.

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