My Flash Funding Review: Prop Trading Insights 2024

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If you are looking for an online prop firm that will let you trade in a risk-free environment and for low fees then you should check out MyFlashFunding. The My Flash Funding offers two unique funding programs wherein you can trade on various instruments. Their main motive is to unleash the full potential of traders and help them achieve success in the financial markets. To know more about this amazing prop firm, you should read our My Flash Funding review till the end.

my flash funding review

What is My Flash Funding?

MyFlashFunding is a proprietary firm that offers a demo trading evaluation program to traders from various parts of the world. You have to begin by paying an upfront fee to participate in their evaluation program. Once you clear the program, you will be eligible to login to their Simulated Funded Account. In this account, you can earn a simulated profit split on the profit that has been generated by making use of your trading skills.  

How to become a part of the MyFlashFunding community?

For getting started with MyFlashFunding, you need to participate in the Evaluation program, which is a two-step process i.e. Flash Challenge and Bolt Challenge. In the beginning, you will be provided a demo trading account wherein you need to reach the target of gaining 6% profits virtually in Step 1 and Step 2.

The second part of the evaluation program, which is also known as the Zeus Challenge consists of a one-step process. Herein, you have to trade on a demo account and gain 10% virtual profits. In both parts of the evaluation program there will not be any time limits to reach the targets. 

Once you complete this program, you will be able to login to the Virtual Flash Trader account. In the entire evaluation program, if you face any losses then you do not have to pay anything for it. The entire losses will be borne by My Flash Funding company.

You can take as much time as you want to learn and enhance your trading skills in the evaluation process. However, ensure that you remain active in your trading account. If you do not make any trade in a time-span of 32 consecutive days then your account will be deactivated. In this situation, you can contact the customer care of MyFlashFunding to get your account activated again.  

One-step evaluation

My Flash Funding Evaluation Phase 1
My Flash Funding: screenshot taken from My Flash Funding Evaluation Phase 1 ( on April 2024

Two-step evaluation

My Flash Funding Evaluation Phase 2
My Flash Funding: screenshot taken from My Flash Funding Evaluation Phase 2 ( on April 2024

How many types of trading account sizes are available on My Flash Funding?

You will be provided with 5 types of virtual trading sizes and you have to choose any one of them. These sizes are 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000. The sizes are equivalent to the amount that you will receive for trading in your account so choose carefully. This balance will be used for trading on Evaluation Program 1 and 2 as well as Virtual Flash Trading Account.

Can I allow my friends or family members to trade on my trading account?

No! Since you are the account owner, only you can trade on your My Flash Funding account. In case you provide your login credentials to your friend or family member for trading, your account will be banned. Sharing your trading account is strictly prohibited in My Flash Funding.

Accounts that are accessed via VPN or VPS are difficult to track by My Flash Funding. So, in case you are accessing your account via VPN or VPS, you are supposed to inform the customer care executives in advance else your account will be expelled.

What are the benefits of trading on a Simulated Flash Trading Account of MyFlashFunding?

Trading on the Simulated Flash Account is exactly similar to trading in live markets. The only difference is that in a Simulated Flash Account you will be trading with simulated funds and not real money. These funds will be provided to you by MyFlashFunding and the profits that you gain can be withdrawn in real money. Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, the trading platform will exactly replicate a live market wherein you need to use your trading strategies to achieve profits or losses. By trading, you will be able to earn a percentage of simulated profits that are based on the profit split that is associated with the demo account.

When will I get paid in a Simulated Flash Trading Account?

You can get paid after 14 days of making your first trade on the Simulated Flash Trading Account. Similarly, the next withdrawal can be made after another 14 days. To be eligible for a payout, your trading account should be clean without any violations and above initial virtual account balance.

It takes about 1-2 working days to process the virtual payouts through Rise. Those traders who cannot use Rise as their payment mode can make use of crypto. However, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $100.

In case you are withdrawing profits between $250 to $500, then you need to pay $25 as fees. For withdrawals above $500, the fees charged will be $35. These fees will be automatically deducted from your payout amount after a profit split. 

Pros of My Flash Funding Prop Firm

  • To keep the trading account secured from scammers, all traders are supposed to upload various documents for completing KYC. Without proper verification, you will not be able to withdraw your profits from the Simulated Funded Account.
  • Payments can be made via debit card, credit card, and few cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that third-party cards are not allowed. 
  • You can trade on multiple evaluations at a time and then merge your Virtual Flash Trader accounts up to an amount of 400,000.
  • The trading instruments that are allowed for trading are Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices, and Crypto (BCH, LTC, BTC, and ETH).

Cons of My Flash Funding Prop Firm

  • If you are paying through cryptocurrency then make sure that you pay only via ERC20, BTC Bitcoin and LTC Litecoin. If you use any other crypto then your funds will be wasted as you will not be able to receive them back by any means.
  • Use only Ethereum Main Network and not Ethereum Layer 2 Network for payments else your money will be lost.
  • As soon as you initiate the payment, complete the entire process within an hour. If you pay later than that then your money will get lost and you will not receive your trading account credentials.  

Final Verdict

To conclude, My Flash Funding is a trustworthy prop trading firm that provides an opportunity to proficient and seasoned traders to enhance their trading skills in a risk-free environment. As they offer favorable conditions to traders with unique trading styles, it is a perfect firm for varied kinds of agents. So, check them out right away and have a wonderful trading experience.

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