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Account size up to: $90,000

Established in the year 2021, FTUK is a reputed prop firm that has been providing support and knowledge to traders from various parts of the world. By becoming a member of FTUK, you can trade various instruments on your terms and timings.

It does not matter if you are residing in a remote area or have some unique trading ideas. Traders from all corners of the globe having exclusive trading styles can register on FTUK and start making profits.

You only have to pay one-time joining fees in the beginning. There are no hidden charges or fees to be paid later on. The joining fees will give you full access to your trading account, so you can trade without any worries.

The funds required for trading will be provided by the company; you only have to use your trading experience to earn real-money payouts. Interesting, isn’t it? To know more about the FTUK prop firm, keep reading this article!

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How does FTUK work?

FTUK works in five easy steps that are mentioned below in our FTUK review.

  • Carefully select your funding program and sign up for it.
  • You will then receive trading credentials through email.
  • Login to your trading account and start trading by using the funds provided by FTUK.
  • Use your trading skills and reach the first milestone target.
  • Earn profits and get real-money withdrawn as often as you want.

Which documents would I require to create an FTUK account?

To register as a trader on FTUK, you need to upload documents like a copy of passport or driving license as it will help in verifying your residence, age, and identity. Make sure that you register on FTUK with the same name as mentioned in your documents.

Moreover, you even have to provide personal information like email address, phone number, residential address, date of birth as well as details related to mode of payment that will be used for withdrawing your profits.

How does the Evaluation Program work in FTUK?

The Evaluation program of FTUK is extremely simple as you can begin trading on a demo account without worrying about losing any money. You only have to pay a fixed one-time signup fee and trade on capital provided by FTUK.

Also, you do not have to rush to complete your evaluation process. You can analyze each aspect carefully, plan your trading moves strategically, and then trade. There is no time-limit for trading, so take your time to reach your targets. As soon as you reach your target goals, you will gain access to Level 2. 

In the evaluation process, you cannot withdraw your profits in Level 1. Once you have traded for at least ten days on Level 2, you can request for a payout, which is a simple and quick process. All you need to do is go to your Traders Dashboard and click on the pay-out icon. However, if you are still not eligible for withdrawal then the pay-out icon will not be visible to you.

Evaluation Program

Evaluation Program

How can I begin trading on a Level 2 Funded Account?

When you have completed the evaluation process, you need to close all open trades in your account and wait patiently for an email. The executives of FTUK will review your trading account. If you have never violated any trading rules and have followed all instructions carefully then you will be eligible for the Level 2 Funded Account.

Once verified, you will receive an email regarding the same and a certificate of appreciation on completing Level 1 successfully. You can now start trading on your Level 2 Funded Account.

What is an Instant Funding Program?

Traders who do not want to go through the demo mode of Evaluation program can start trading on a live account through Instant Funding Program.

Instant Funding Program

Instant Funding Program

Is FTUK a good platform for new traders?

Absolutely! If you are new to trading and want to gain information or enhance your trading skills, then you can take help from the numerous tools that are provided on FTUK. Additionally, there are several trade interviews and counseling sessions held on a regular basis.

The executives of FTUK always monitor the trading account of each registered trader. So, if any trader is taking excessive risk at any time or displaying different trading behavior then they step in to provide guidance to the trader to get back on track. 

Moreover, you can even get in touch with the proficient coaches of FTUK who are always ready to provide one-on-one trading sessions. All you need to do is contact their customer care and get a private session booked. In short, FTUK is an apt platform to start with your trading journey.

I have registered and paid fees for FTUK Funded Account by mistake. What should I do?

No problem! You can get a refund easily. Just ensure that you do not place a single trade on your funded account and request for a refund within 48 hours of signing up. The team of FTUK will get in touch with you and begin processing your refund. However, if you have placed even a single trade, then you will not get a refund.

Pros of FTUK

  • Once you have registered on FTUK, you will get access to an advanced trading dashboard, wherein you can track your trading metrics on a regular basis. This will help you to progress smoothly to advanced funding levels.
  • FTUK provides several benefits to its traders like allowing scalping, hedging, trading during news events, holding trades overnight and over the weekend. 
  • Payouts will be made via USDT ERC 20 crypto and it will take two business days to process your withdrawals.
  • On all programs, you can earn 80% profit share from day one of trading.
  • You can trade on numerous instruments like Commodities, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Indices.

Cons of FTUK

  • If you do not trade on FTUK for 30 consecutive days then your trading account will be terminated.


Finally, FTUK is a trusted proprietary firm that provides an amazing platform to seasonal as well as professional traders. Depending on your trading skills, you can choose either FTUK Evaluation Program or FTUK Instant Funding Program and begin trading immediately. So, register now on FTUK and start making money!

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