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Aqua Funded is a trusted proprietary firm that aims to empower traders by recognizing their true potential. Through their platform, you can strategically plan your trading moves without any worries of risking your hard-earned money as funds for trading will be provided by the Aqua Funded firm. 

All you need to do is trade carefully and if you earn profits then it is yours and if you earn losses then it will be borne by the firm. Amazing, isn’t it? To know more about the Aqua Funded prop firm, keep reading our comprehensive Aqua Funded review that highlights its features, pros, as well as cons. 

aqua funded review

How can I start earning on Aqua Funded? 

The first step is to register on Aqua Funded portal by selecting the account size that you prefer to trade. This size denotes the total funds that will be provided to you for trading. So, choose carefully. 

Next step is to pay the fees for the Trading process and start trading on your Aqua Funded account. You will be provided with some trading objectives on the dashboard of your account. There is no time limit to complete these objectives. So, you can strategically plan your trades and accomplish your goals. 

Once you have passed the Trading process, you will be able to login to your Aqua Funded trading account. You can now start with the Challenge and the total amount of capital that you will be provided here for trading is $400,000. On your first withdrawal, you will even get a full refund of the fees that you paid at the time of registering.   

When can I withdraw my profits? 

You can withdraw your first trading profits on the Funded Account after 14 days. The next withdrawal can be done after another 14 days of your first withdrawal. Moreover, to get eligible for payouts, you need to follow the terms and conditions accurately and your account should be without any recorded violations. 

There should not be any open trades or open orders for receiving a payout. It will take about 1-2 days for processing the payouts. To make a payout request, you need to visit your dashboard and click on Withdrawals. 

All payouts are made through Rise wherein you can withdraw your profits to a Bank account or Crypto. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is $100. 

What would be my Profit Targets?

Aqua Funded Profits
Aqua Funded: screenshot taken from Aqua Funded Profits ( on April 2024

In Step 1, you have to reach a 9% profit target. Step 2 will be divided into two Phases. In the first phase, you need to reach an 8% profit target and in the second phase you have to reach a 5% profit target. However, make sure that you do not violate any rules and trading parameters. 

How does the Evaluation process work?

The Evaluation process on Aqua Funded trading portal is commonly known as the Shark Challenge. The challenge is divided into two parts – Phase 1 and Phase 2. 

In the Phase 1 Challenge you only have to complete a single Step for becoming an Aqua Trader. This step is the Challenge Phase that can be purchased for a discounted price of $413 for a $100k account. 

Phase 1 Challenge

Aqua Funded Evaluation Phase 1
Aqua Funded: screenshot taken from Aqua Funded Evaluation Phase 1 ( on April 2024

In the Phase 2 Challenge there are two steps to complete for becoming an Aqua Trader. Step 1 is the Challenge and Step 2 is the Verification process. The Phase 2 Challenge can be purchased at a discounted price of $397 for a $100k account.

Phase 2 Challenge

 Aqua Funded Evaluation Phase 2
Aqua Funded: screenshot taken from Aqua Funded Evaluation Phase 2 ( on April 2024

Three important factors that attract traders to join Aqua Funded prop firm are mentioned below –

  • You only have to pay a one-time fee for beginning the Challenge at Aqua Funded with no other hidden charges. 
  • The most popular account size is $100k, which means that you will get $100k as capital to start trading. 
  • As soon as you clear the Challenge, you will receive a 100% refund of the fees that were paid. 

How to become an Aqua Trader?

There are two ways to become an Aqua Trader; 1 Step Phase and 2 Step Phase. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any of the methods.

In the 1 Step Phase, you need to clear ‘The Wave’ step for moving to your Aqua Trader account. On the other hand, in the 2 Step Phase, you need to clear ‘The Wave’ step and ‘The Ripple’ step of the Evaluation process for becoming an Aqua Trader. 

Is AquaFunded prop firm appropriate for novice traders?

Absolutely! AquaFunded proprietary firm is apt for novice as well as experienced traders. Especially for novice traders, the firm provides several educational contents and an excellent supportive community. Their customer care is very helpful and always ready to solve your issues. So, as a novice trader if you get stuck up anywhere then you can have a friendly chat with their customer care and get your issues resolved instantly. 

Pros of Aqua Funded prop firm

  • Once you sign-up on Aqua Funded, your account will automatically enter into the Lucky Draw contest that is held each month, wherein the reward amount is $100k. 
  • In case you make losses on your trading account, you will not be liable for them. All losses will be borne by the company so that you can trade without any risks. 
  • By trading on Aqua Funded, you can keep 90% of the earned profits. 
  • Aqua Funded has been featured in reputable finance channels like Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch and Benzinga. 
  • You can hold trades overnight as well as over the weekend. News Trading is also permissible.
  • Trading can be done on various instruments like Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto from all around the world through a trusted broker.
  • Hedging on the same account is allowed in the first phase but not acceptable in the second phase. Martingale is permitted in both phases. However, Stop Loss is not acceptable.

Cons of Aqua Funded prop firm

  • Ensure that you trade at least once in 30 days on Aqua Funded, else your trading account will be termed as inactive. This will be considered as a breach of your account.
  • Some countries like Kenya, Pakistan, Thailand, etc. are restricted from using Aqua Funded services. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, Aqua Funded is a distinctive trading platform that offers flexible trading conditions and an amazing support system to ambitious traders. Since they offer 90% profit split and bi-weekly payouts, traders from various parts of the world are happily trading on Aqua Funded. Our Aqua Funded review would have helped in clearing all your queries. So, without any hesitation, register now on AquaFunded website to explore immense opportunities in the world of trading. 

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